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Six creative ways to save this holiday season Put a cap on it:Agree upon a spending cap with each person on your holiday shopping list.This also works when eating out and splitting the bill.Before ordering, decide as a group the max you will each spend on dining.You should also agree to get drinks directly from the bar to avoid increasing the bill for those who don't drink. Secret secondhand:Buy refurbished electronics and disguise their non-Newness, by repackaging them.One of my friends just bought his girlfriend a refurbished mac and bought a stylish cover to mask the fact that it came in a plan brown box, that the secondhand macs come it.He saved $300! Christmas in january:Ask your friends and family to patiently wait for gifts.Postpone buying and giving gifts until january, when they are all on sale.Maintain the mood by keeping your decorations up and have a potluck-Gift exchange with them at your house, to celebrate the holidays in january instead of december. Souvenir shop at the grocery store:The next time you travel, head to the supermarket.There you will find awesome, yet inexpensive gifts like;Authentic local coffee, tea, honey, chocolate and spices.Save them and use them as gifts throughout the year, including the holidays. Cheap Tiffany Keys Do instead of give:Don't exchange material gifts this holiday season;Instead ask your family and friends to exchange acts of kindness.Think 10 hours of free babysitting, five lawn mowings or leaf rakings.Have a significant other?Try giving, three chick-Flicks or sports nights to them instead of traditional gifts Bake instead of buy:If you're known for your cooking, the holidays are a great time to get in the kitchen and save.Give the gift of freshly baked goods and get your festive packaging from a $1 store.Wow your friends and family with fabulous treats while maintaining your frugalness. See there?It is possible to be frugal, fabulous and festive during the holidays! If i decide to buy gifts, i wait until after the holidays.It's not embarrassing and people do understand.As far as decorations, i collected over the years beautiful christmas nick knacks i have decorated in my house and always put out every year.I don't need to buy.X-Mas lights on the tree and wreaths, sect.I use every year.If i want to add different colored lights, i go to a store that has a sell on lights and just add.I don't spend much and save a whole lot. Going to the consignment boutiques, the goodwill's, st.Vincent depaul's, ect.You will be surprised in what treasures you can find.A lot of times, you can find something and will be in a box in good condition.Stores like that you can find almost anything at a inexpensive price and you can save a lot.I say,"It's the thought that counts"Whatever you give a person.Even just spending quality time with family is more than a gift.I hope everybody has a nice holiday happy new year! Thank you! . : -)Yes, after the holidays is the best time to get gifts.Electronics, clothing, and other merchandise is the best time to get your loved ones a gift.Everything is discounted at a good price.Wow, she Cheap Tiffany Bangles found a designer scarf for that price?I know when she first saw it, she snatched it real quick.Lol!You have to be quick at your game when shopping at these stores. The goodwill stores is my favorite store.Like you said, you can find treasures there.The one where i live, is in nearby rich area.You see a lot of people who have the money shop there as well.I'm not embarrassed at Buy UK Cheap Tiffany Bangles all.I love vintage jewelry and have several pieces that would cost a lot in a jeweler store.Only on special occasions i wear.I always get nice compliments when i'm out.I hope you your family has a"Happy holiday"A safe"Happy new year"!Stay blessed! : -) Peace! I want to first, give my condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in the shooting at connecticut.I'm deeply sadden and pray that god gives all the families strength to move forward in these hard and difficult times.These children aren't coming home to their families for the holidays and the staff at that school.This was a horrific tragedy and affects everybody.Give your kids, niece's, nephews, and your family hugs and tell them you love them everyday.We are all not guarantee to be here tomorrow but have to live right by god, love, have peace. I have been making cookies for the past 6 years and enjoy baking and giving as gifts to family friends.I Love to decorate my tins and add my on finishing touches.My nine year-Old daughter Loves to help me bake Buy Cheap Tiffany Necklaces UK the cookies and she's my lil helper.The secret of baking my late grandma used to say is"Love"!Yes, i save $$$$$ instead of buying gifts. She made those baskets religiously every year, but sort of slacked off when my little brother and sister were born.It was so much fun wrapping up the bars of soap, bottles of body oils, etc etc.My mom is the only woman i know who can take some papayas, use the fleshy part to make candy, then turn around and use the peel for a facial treatment.

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