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No personal enmity with ramdev No personal enmity with ramdev Justifying the cancellation of land allotted to the trust of yoga guru ramdev in solan district of himachal pradesh by the prior bjp government, chief minister virbhadra singh today alleged the land transport was a"Scandal"And had no personal enmity against him. "I have no individualized enmity with ramdev.He is doing a good job as far as yoga is worried.But mixing politics is not excellent.Land used patanjali yogapeeth is a scandal by itself, the cm said at a press expo here. Singh said that land you want belonged to the patiala royal family and it was given to a trust for setting up recreation and holiday facility. "This land will now be used for the exact purpose for it was meant, the main minister said. He alleged that the last five year rule of the prem kumar dhumal led bjp govt.Has"Damaged the status and prospects of the state.Large scale benami land transactions and other problems, for instance financial, took place during the prior rule, The chief minister alleged that the bjp u.S, not only Pandora UK misused and mis utilised the allocations and grants furnished by the central government, but also crossed all limits of file crime.The pace of generation had come almost to a grinding halt, He claimed that every day"New scandals and skeletons of bjp misrule are coming out and it is a challenge for us to analyze these cases to get to the bottom of the scandals, "Showing clean, the best, accountable and transparent administration to the people of the state is the prime objective of the local government, the chief minister said adding the resolve of government entities is to make hp a fully developed state during its five year rule. Virbhadra acknowledged,"The biggest challenge before us is to restore the hope and faith of the people in the costa rica government, which were badly shattered by the previous regime, Answering a question he said that the us government had no proposal this you may like to give education to the private sector as the state cannot afford to have what he described as the"Educating shops, "But together i do realise the role of the private sector.Private players should be such who are genuinely compelled.Teaching shops aren't going to be allowed, singh claims. The decision of the last government to allow private sector in education and sell at a discount housing will be reviewed, the primary minister said. Singh said that the state will also take steps to research Pandora Bracelets UK the vast potential of hydro power generation. "All the hurdles coming in the way of installing hydro power projects will be removed, he explained. He said that the state has sought from the centre 12 per cent share in three power projects of the bhakra beas management board perfectly located at the state. "We will have 7.19 per cent share as per the Punjab Reorganisation Act whereas you should be getting 12 per cent as per population which came to the state, He was quoted saying. He declined to make a comment on the reported statement of former punjab chief minister amarinder singh that he was not consulted by the congress high command regarding his removal and scheduled scheduled visit of a successor. "The issue does not concern us, he advised the questioner. "In my opinion this(Removal and consultation of pcc chief)Is a conclusion to be taken by the party high command.Such decisions are taken by the party after due deliberations and it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, virbhadra extra. On the financial predicament of the state, he said that it was relaxed. "For proliferation we need capital investment which we will seek from the centre, the entire world bank and the adb under various schemes, he was quoted saying.

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