Air Jordan 8 problem lately targeted

Aimless rambling Alright, there looks a Air Jordan 8 problem lately, mostly targeted in aimless rambling here, about people not being able to distinguish between nerds and any of all the categories. If you achieve straight a's, win a development fair, or wait breathlessly for the nasa space probe photos, that you will find nerd like activity. It is possible to way more than is healthy about jordans:http://www.skillya.net/ a specific category such as star trek, d competitive professional fitness statistics, lord from the rings, robert michael the air nike jordans, anime or similar ideas, this is able to qualify you as more of a geek. Clearly individuals can be, and therefore jordans shoes for girls are, both. There seem to be quite some individuals who do not fit into great deals on shoes either of these categories.Perhaps they think they know a lot about computers/star trek/the civil war when in fact use an imac, only watch organization, or think the civil war was entirely about captivity.Perhaps they dress up like a computer/star trek character/elf/union soldier whenever there is the least excuse.Perhaps these people have a dog like, eager to please personality in which them to approach anime geeks and say,"I am a big anime fan too!Everyone loves yu gi oh, or approach music enthusiasts and say,"I'm genuinely into music!Isn't n'sync really good, and also approach a star trek die hard and say,"Endeavor really rocks!Guy, that particular tupac, she actually is hot, Or perhaps they just reliably fail at human interaction, with no academic stagnant or trivia skill to show for it. These folks, programs degree of retardation, may be known as dorks or losers.Ever fags. I hope this helps clarify some terms for all, and that our name calling could be more accurate from now on. People clearly checking the wrong box. I guess i wasn't clear enough when i tried to clarify things.My deficiency.I'm so muddle headed many a time.I will inform you now.You aren't unique.Nobody is a unique snowflake.All people on earth fit into four narrowly defined unoriginal categories.Now unquestionably, you could fit into the unmentioned group being cool, wary, and well tweaked, but then chances wouldn't be answering polls on pwot.

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